Benefits of hiring a bond gardener

If your lawn is starting to look like its long enough to conceal a family of wallabies, or your hedges are starting to look more like trees, spending a little bit now on a gardening service will save you a lot more when you get your bond back. If you’ve only been renting a short time, then you may not have all of the necessary tools required to maintain your garden. This is where hiring a professional service can prove beneficial, as we come with everything needed. Don’t waste time and money tackling the task yourself, as you’ll only have to spend money on the required (delete) equipment and maybe even then it won’t be enough to get your bond back.

A complete bond gardening service for your yard

As well as being able to mow your lawn and tackle general garden maintenance, we also offer pressure cleaning and can blast clean those gritty surfaces. Accumulated dirt and grime can be impossible to remove from the crevices of bricks and concrete without the use of a pressure cleaner. Our bond cleaning can transform the yard of your Gold Coast rental property and ensure it looks as good as when you found it, if not better!

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Only Choose the Most Reliable Bond Gardening Service in the Gold Coast

Is your lease about to expire, but the backyard looks like a jungle? Don’t risk losing your bond – hire a gardening service to clean up your Gold Coast property. If you’re shifting into another property, then don’t add to your stress by trying to tackle the immense job yourself, whilst juggling everything else at the same time.

As professional gardeners, we come backed with the experience, skill and quality tools to ensure the job is completed quickly and to a professional standard.